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Your First Driving Lesson – Tips & What To Expect

Your first driving lesson is a scary prospect for most young drivers. I will outline what will happen and give some tips to help you get the most from your first lesson and prepare you for future lessons and taking your driving test. It is important to pay close attention on this lesson as there will be a lot of information to take in and it will help you progress more quickly if you can remember the topics covered. This lesson will set you up to cover more advanced subjects next time.

When you meet your driving instructor you will have to show your provisional licence (both parts), photo card and paper counterpart. You instructor will usually drive you to a quiet road where you will swap seats and the lesson will begin.

Your First Driving Lesson – Subjects The Instructor Will CoverYour First Driving Lesson

“The Cockpit Drill” The first thing you do when entering the car. This includes setting the seat and mirrors correctly for driving.

The controls The next step is going over the main controls of the car including the foot pedals. accelerator, Brake, and Clutch. Hand controls, Parking Brake (Hand Brahe), indicators, Windscreen wipers, Steering wheel and Mirrors. The driving instructor will explain how to use the controls when driving.

“Moving Off And Stopping” Now the part you were waiting for. The instructor will explain how to prepare and move off safely and select a safe place to pull in and park. This will seem quite complicated at first but a good instructor will explain in stages to help you remember. The instructor will talk you through what to do as you are doing it until you begin to remember.

How To Change Gear” Once you are driving the instructor will explain how to change gear and when this is required. Depending on how quickly yo pick things up you may not change gear on your first driving lesson. If there is not enough time you will cover this on the next lesson.

Your First Driving Lesson – What Happens Next

At he end of the lesson the instructor will ask if you wish to book another driving lesson. If you feel comfortable with the instructor it is best to book your next lesson as soon as you can to avoid forgetting what you have learnt. If you didn’t feel happy with the instructor or car and decide not to book another lesson there are lots of driving instructors advertising on-line so it is advisable to book another instructor as soon as possible. See our guide to booking your first driving lesson page for finding a good driving instructor or school.

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