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Theory Test Information

The theory test has been around since 1996 and although there have been some changes the overall test has kept the same format. Before you can book a practical driving test you must pass the theory test. The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 57 minutes with a pass mark of 43. The current cost of the theory test is £31.00 and it is recommended to book through the official Theory Test DSA web site as there are other web site who book your theory test and charge an extra fee. You do have the option to take a practice session of multiple-choice questions to get used to the format.

Theory Test – Hazard perceptionTheory Test

You must then take a hazard perception test which consists of 14 video clips filmed from the windscreen of a car. as the clip runs you have to identify developing hazards as if you were driving. 13 clips contain one hazard that is scored and one clip will contain 2 developing hazards that will be scored. The maximum score for each hazard is 5 if you click as soon as the hazard appears going down to 0 the later you click. you  must click all hazards that you see because there is no way to know which hazard will be scored. If you click too often or in a pattern the computer can score you 0 for that clip as you may be cheating. The pass mark is 44 out of 75. You must pass both parts of the test in one sitting or you will have to retake the whole test. A developing hazard is something like a car that might be parked but then suddenly indicates right. The indicator means that the hazard is developing and you should click as soon as this happens. Other types of hazard which can be featured include pedestrians walking towards the road and cars changing lanes or stopping suddenly.

Theory Test Changes

Theory test changes recently have included the introduction of case study questions which can be given in the form of a story which 5 questions will be based on. This story can be based on real life examples you could find when driving in the real world. This change was introduced in 2012. There is a change being developed for later in 2013 which will affect the hazard perception part of the theory test. The type of video clip used is going to include computer generated hazard perception videos to enable more scenarios to be included and also improve video quality. Candidates taking the theory test are being offered the chance to try samples of the new style clips at the end of their theory test. These clips will not be marked.

Theory Test practice

It is advisable to practice both theory and hazard perception before taking your test. The best option is to purchase a theory test cd or dvd which can help you to prepare very well for the test. There are also various web sites which offer online practice.

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