Oct 01

New Hazard Perception Video Clips

The DSA have just released an example of the new style CGI hazard perception clips which will soon be used to update the hazard perception part of the theory test. The DSA recently announced that it had hired CGI firm Jelly to refresh and modernise the hazard perception test. The new style video clips could start being used by spring 2013. By using CGI the clips will feature new content that is not covered in the existing video clips, such as trams, motorways, level crossings and vulnerable road users. An example clip of the type to be used has recently been released on the DSA Youtube channel.

Click this link to view :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTxo7qsjtFU

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May 15

Your First Driving Lesson – Tips & What To Expect

Your first driving lesson is a scary prospect for most young drivers. I will outline what will happen and give some tips to help you get the most from your first lesson and prepare you for future lessons and taking your driving test. It is important to pay close attention on this lesson as there will be a lot of information to take in and it will help you progress more quickly if you can remember the topics covered. This lesson will set you up to cover more advanced subjects next time.

When you meet your driving instructor you will have to show your provisional licence (both parts), photo card and paper counterpart. You instructor will usually drive you to a quiet road where you will swap seats and the lesson will begin.

Your First Driving Lesson – Subjects The Instructor Will CoverYour First Driving Lesson

“The Cockpit Drill” The first thing you do when entering the car. This includes setting the seat and mirrors correctly for driving.

The controls The next step is going over the main controls of the car including the foot pedals. accelerator, Brake, and Clutch. Hand controls, Parking Brake (Hand Brahe), indicators, Windscreen wipers, Steering wheel and Mirrors. The driving instructor will explain how to use the controls when driving.

“Moving Off And Stopping” Now the part you were waiting for. The instructor will explain how to prepare and move off safely and select a safe place to pull in and park. This will seem quite complicated at first but a good instructor will explain in stages to help you remember. The instructor will talk you through what to do as you are doing it until you begin to remember.

How To Change Gear” Once you are driving the instructor will explain how to change gear and when this is required. Depending on how quickly yo pick things up you may not change gear on your first driving lesson. If there is not enough time you will cover this on the next lesson.

Your First Driving Lesson – What Happens Next

At he end of the lesson the instructor will ask if you wish to book another driving lesson. If you feel comfortable with the instructor it is best to book your next lesson as soon as you can to avoid forgetting what you have learnt. If you didn’t feel happy with the instructor or car and decide not to book another lesson there are lots of driving instructors advertising on-line so it is advisable to book another instructor as soon as possible. See our guide to booking your first driving lesson page for finding a good driving instructor or school.

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May 11

Birmingham Driving Test Centres

Driving test centres in Birmingham are spread over the city with some covering quite large areas. When learning to drive it is best to take your driving test in an area that you are familiar with. Your instructor should take you around the area near to the test centre and show you any difficult road junctions that could catch you out on the test. To book your driving test you should use this link to the official DSA booking page.

Birmingham Driving Test Centres

 Kings Heath driving test centre:  (Does Not Have A Car Park)
955 Alcester Road South
B14 5JA
Kingstanding driving test centre:   (Has A Car Park)
205 Birdbrook Road
BirminghamBirmingham Driving Test Centres
B44 9UL 
Sutton Coldfield driving test centre:   (Has A Car Park)
110/116 Boldmere Road
Sutton Coldfield
B73 5UB
South Yardley driving test centre:   (Has A Car Park)
Clay Lane
South Yardley  
B26 1EA
Garretts Green driving test centre:   (Has A Car Park)
Granby Avenue
Garretts Green
B33 0TJ

Test centres that have a dedicated car park will ask candidates to perform a reverse parking exercise into a  parking space, whereas centres without a car park will only include a reverse park on the road. Also some older driving test centres do not have toilet facilities.

Birmingham Driving Test Centres – Pass Ratesbirmingham driving test centres

Birmingham (Kings Heath) Driving Test Centre 42.60% pass rate

Birmingham (Kingstanding) Driving Test Centre 37.80% pass rate

Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) Driving Test Centre  43.00% pass rate

Birmingham (South Yardley) Driving Test Centre 39.20% pass rate

Birmingham (Garrets Green ) Driving Test Centre 39.90% pass rate


Birmingham driving test centres can often have a waiting list of up to 6 weeks so it is best to ask your instructor to give you an idea of when you will be ready for your test to enable you to book ahead to save time.

Driving Test Fees

Day Time Car Driving Test Fees £62.00

Weekend And Evening Driving Test Fees (Not always available) £75.00

Extended Driving Test Fees (usually After A disqualification)

Day Time Car Driving Test Fees  £124.00

Evening And Weekend Driving test Fees  £150.00


May 07

Theory Test Information

The theory test has been around since 1996 and although there have been some changes the overall test has kept the same format. Before you can book a practical driving test you must pass the theory test. The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 57 minutes with a pass mark of 43. The current cost of the theory test is £31.00 and it is recommended to book through the official Theory Test DSA web site as there are other web site who book your theory test and charge an extra fee. You do have the option to take a practice session of multiple-choice questions to get used to the format.

Theory Test – Hazard perceptionTheory Test

You must then take a hazard perception test which consists of 14 video clips filmed from the windscreen of a car. as the clip runs you have to identify developing hazards as if you were driving. 13 clips contain one hazard that is scored and one clip will contain 2 developing hazards that will be scored. The maximum score for each hazard is 5 if you click as soon as the hazard appears going down to 0 the later you click. you  must click all hazards that you see because there is no way to know which hazard will be scored. If you click too often or in a pattern the computer can score you 0 for that clip as you may be cheating. The pass mark is 44 out of 75. You must pass both parts of the test in one sitting or you will have to retake the whole test. A developing hazard is something like a car that might be parked but then suddenly indicates right. The indicator means that the hazard is developing and you should click as soon as this happens. Other types of hazard which can be featured include pedestrians walking towards the road and cars changing lanes or stopping suddenly.

Theory Test Changes

Theory test changes recently have included the introduction of case study questions which can be given in the form of a story which 5 questions will be based on. This story can be based on real life examples you could find when driving in the real world. This change was introduced in 2012. There is a change being developed for later in 2013 which will affect the hazard perception part of the theory test. The type of video clip used is going to include computer generated hazard perception videos to enable more scenarios to be included and also improve video quality. Candidates taking the theory test are being offered the chance to try samples of the new style clips at the end of their theory test. These clips will not be marked.

Theory Test practice

It is advisable to practice both theory and hazard perception before taking your test. The best option is to purchase a theory test cd or dvd which can help you to prepare very well for the test. There are also various web sites which offer online practice.

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